About Asia TaxHong Kong based AsiaTax is a leading provider of personal and corporate tax preparation and filing services for American expats, Green Card holders, and Non-Resident Aliens (e.g. non-U.S. citizens with investment holdings and tax filing requirements in the U.S.) based in Hong Kong, mainland China, and all jurisdictions in Asia.

Our principal objective being to provide a personable and efficient tax service at fee rates substantially below those of larger firms.

With our experience, knowledge and skills that we offer to either companies or individuals that need to be in compliance with tax authorities and governmental agencies.

AsiaTax doesn’t just provide timely information, we actually proceed to help you accomplish what is required of you or your company, going beyond just being a guide. We will always take the initiative and provide solutions to the matter at hand.

We are flexible enough to tailor our services to our client’s needs allowing them to focus on their core business, making their lives easier.